Summary of roundtable on public affairs and lobbying

July 15, 2013 9:42 pm

Summary of roundtable including presentation and photos.

On 25th June, Association of Public Affairs Agencies (APAA) in cooperation with Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, held a roundtable on lobbying regulation in the Czech Republic and USA.


Mr Vaclav Nekvapil, Chairman of APAA and Director of CEC Government Relations made an introducing speech on the topic: the establishment and role of APAA.

Then Mr Nick Lewis, Vice-president of UPS, american lobbyist, spoke about lobbying regulation and ethical rules for lobbyists and lobbied persons in the USA.

Mrs Lenka Matějková from Governmental Office, Department for coordination of struggle with corruption, introduced governmental and parliamentary initiatives for lobbying regulation, starting points for current legislative proposals and their difficulties. 

Mrs Denisa Kasl Kollmannová from Faculty of Social Sciences introduced outcome of academic research made among professionals from public affairs and lobbying branch.

In the further discussion the panellists answered questions of audience. 

The presentation of Mrs Lenky Matějkové from Governmental Office on Government and lobbying regulation (in pdf format) available here (only in Czech).

Photos from the conference (author: Mrs Martina Votrubová)