Outcomes from the seminar “Transparency and legal regulation of lobbying”

March 14, 2018 11:10 am

On Thursday, March 13th from 13:00 a seminar took place at the Chamber of Deputies under the auspices of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, its chairman and APAA on the topic “Transparency and legal regulation of lobbying”. Apart from members of parliament, business, public sector and NGO representatives, as well as foreign guests, took part at the seminar. According to most of the speakers, the proposed regulation of this industry should involve lobbyists as well as subjects of lobbying and should include all interest groups, including social partners, NGO representatives, unions and other independent experts. According to APPA chairman Václav Nekvapil (opening remarks here), exemptions from the regulation will lead to circumvention of the law and further reduction of the transparency of the industry. President of EPACA Karl Isaksson also participated at the seminar, on the invitation of APAA, and presented the way lobbying works on the European level.