Lectures for students of the University of Economics

December 5, 2017 9:22 am

In November 2017, consultants of Grayling (member of APAA) gave lectures on public affairs and raising awareness of transparent lobbying for students of the University of Economics in Prague. The lectures were organised by the Faculty of International Relations in cooperation with the Association of Public Relations Agencies. The aim of both lectures was to familiarize the students with the job description in the field of public affairs. The opening debates already showed that lobbying in the Czech Republic is still perceived through the prism of stereotypes in media or TV series, which is also partly caused by the marginal interest of academia in professional lobbying. Therefore, Grayling consultants focused in their presentation on the function of lobbying as a legitimate part of the democratic process and provided the students with an insight into day-to-day work of lobbyists. One of the key topics was the question of transparency while representing the clients in the communication with the political sphere and public administration. A substantial part of the lectures was also dedicated to the legislative process in the Czech Republic.