“20% of legislation is nonsense”, says András Baneth

March 4, 2015 9:36 pm

Roberta Břešťan´s Internet server hlidacipes.org recently published an interview  with Director of the International organization Public Affairs Council setaed in Brussels, András Baneth. Mr. Baneth visited Prague when he was invited to speak at conference called:  “Transparent  Advancing of Legitimate Interests or Hidden Lobbying“, which had been jointly organized by APAA and Transparency International CZ.

The interview was mainly about the process of legilation creation in Brussels and the impact of lobbyists on its final form. Mr. Baneth also spoke about the reputation of lobbying in Brussels, and about the difference between lobbying and public affairs. In the end, he also mentioned national lobbying, which is often conducted by country nationals working in the EU institutions. However, there is not that many people from the Czech Republic currently working there. 

You are invited to read the whole interview here (in Czech).